Reinstate Adsense account of innocent Hardworking Adsense Publisher

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Google adsense disabled my adsense account for no reason and same has happened with lots of people. 

Here i will tell you my story which reflects how unfair is the policy of Google.

Google doesn't value of someone's hardwork , It can destroy your continuous hard-work of 1 Year in just one second having no MERCY with help of Automatic System.

This is my YouTube Channel - 

I have created this channel in November 2017 , and grown it up to 50,000 subscribers , I waited for almost 8 months to monetise my YouTube channel. 

Finally, YouTube reviewed my channel and approved it for monetisation on 27 July 2018, BUT the next day My adsense account associated with my YouTube channel was permanently disabled in first attempt itself with no warning due to so called invalid click activity.

This was a new term for me , and i thought it will be solved , So i just submitted appeal form to reinstate my account.

As my adsense account was disabled , this caused my channel monetisation to be permanently disabled that means i cannot change adsense account associated with my channel and i have to reinstate my adsense account in order to get the hard earned monetisation back

My adsense Publisher ID - pub-2278823069571639

I don't know what caused this invalid click activity. 

But the problem is , if a channel monetisation is disabled , the channel become like a person with no hand , no legs , no eyes and no ears. It can only speak to which big giants like google never listen.

google left no other option of getting help to reinstate my account other than the so called Appeal Form.

They says that the appeal form can only be filled first time , if someone fills it again they will not consider it BUT the fact is that they doesn't even review your first appeal form.

From the first day , your submitted appeal form will go in automatic review to which you will get automatically reply that they cannot reinstate your account. 

So you never get a manual review by adsense team , this is what i always observed from the first day itself. 

I myself haven't done any invalid click activity , it is the problem of google's automated system which has flaws that causing lot of publishers account to be banned with no mercy.

They also suppose us to tell them the exact reason of invalid click activity. 

how can a publisher find the exact reason that caused invalid click activity ? what resources a publisher have to find the exact reason , on the other hand google itself cannot stop and detect such invalid activity with their super resources. 

How can they expect us to detect it ? 

Some so called expert publishers says they if google banned you that mean you have done something wrong ? here i would like to ask them - is google god ? or is it 100% perfect that it cannot do mistakes ? 

If yes then why google have given us a chance to appeal through appeal form ? 

The appeal form itself tells you that google can do mistakes that can be appealed through so called appeal form which always go to automatic review or 99% chances to go in automatic review in the first submission itself.

Now this is completely true that the policy of google adsense is unfair.

I also would like to give you another proof when google adsense did a huge mistake by banning an adsense account of a publisher "Jeff" which was resolved when it went viral.

This mistake was resolved by google because the best known face of google Matt cutts entered into the scene he have shared the story of Jeff on his google + page and asked google adsense team to look into the issue , the adsense account of Jeff was reinstated on the next day.
This shows there exist flaw in google's fraud detection algorithm , but from that incident in 2012 to today in 2019 , google is still the same , and lots of publishers are affecting from the flaws in their algorithm. 

Here you can see the proof of story that i shared:  

All , i need is a manual review of my adsense account and i am sure that my adsense account has to reinstate because i myself haven't done any click-bomb activity. 

Please SHARE and SIGN this petition as much as possible to solve this issue, i hope google will improve their fraud detecting algorithm and will avoid automatic review of appeal forms.