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Provide a timeline for nexus-9 update or refund all owners unconditionally

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When Google announced the Nexus-9, it came with a lot of fanfare being the first 9-inch device with a 64-bit processor. One thing that was promised was a guarantee to the latest software. So while I can understand that the 5.0.1 or 5.0.2 is released without a specific release made for certain devices (because they tend to mostly be bug fixes that probably impact a certain device), I find it unacceptable that releases that have feature enhancements are NOT rolled out in a timely manner. 

Their own ad on their website states this. 

Now it has been more than one month and release 5.1.0 has been built and rolled out to pretty much all devices Nexus except the 9. As if to add salt to the injury, two non-Nexus devices have been updated as well (GPAD and MotoG)

How is it acceptable from a company such as google that not only do not publish the image for their latest flagship but also do not respond on ANY forum about when it will be available.

To be fair, customer service has been contacted and they do not know either. Below is the "response"

"The latest update for the Nexus 9 will come when it is supposed to. It's not late, but it's just not scheduled to get one yet.
Updates are pushed on on a needed basis."

For our given context, none of this even makes sense. Either the CSR does not know what she is talking about or is intentionally not providing details.

There are rumors that the Nexus9 has been inflicted with multiple issues. Poor sales, a hardware platform that Google would rather have not taken (using NVIDIA instead of Snapdragon). Fact is, as technologically literate as I am, I do not care. If any of the above is true, let them eat the cost. Why would we, as consumers, be cheated with a poor device? I have issues with the devices heating up. Poor battery life (they promise 9 hours of browsing, I barely get 5 at the lowest display brightness setting).

I am assuming here that Google will do the right thing. Refund or provide an explanation for delay (and with it a timeline of when we should expect the image).



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