Petition to Terminate Scarlet Zax from YouTube

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This is my official petition to terminate the user "Scarlet Zax" from YouTube. Let me explain why other people and mostly I want him terminated.

  • So this user named "Scarlet Zax" has been harassing people on Discord, being racist, and also a big hypocrite. He likes to blame me because I make leak videos when he got popular off of them. Hypocrite much, am I right?
  • About a day later, I exposed him for these things, but he's too sensitive that he striked my video because he cannot take criticism. This was the second strike I got, but thankfully the other one expired months ago. Since this strike is a false one, I appealed it to YouTube but haven't got an answer yet.
  • I already named this before, but Scarlet Zax is the biggest racist ever. He likes to use the n word more often, he doesn't use it in a comedic way. He likes to call black people black and disgusting. But who cares if they're black? THEY ARE HUMAN!
  • He also likes to threat people to strike their videos on him because he is sensitive. The user named "Detective Shark" has made a rant video on him as well, it's the only one left so I suggest you watch it before that thot manages to take it down as well. 
  • And he likes to sexually harass a girl on Discord named Indigo, he said he won't leave her alone unless he shows him her face, he is dumb for thinking she would actually do that. 
  • Forgot to mention that Scarlet Zax has an alt account named "LittleBOI" where he mainly harasses famous YouTubers by spreading around lies about them. 

In conclusion, Scarlet Zax is a psychopath that can't take criticism. That's all I have to say. I gladly appreciate it if you share this petition around and sign it. Let's get this child molester!