Make the dictionary trans inclusive

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Amy Bartowski
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As a society we should always look to be inclusive of minorities and LGBTQ+ folks. To this end, we're looking to finally update the dictionary definitions of "woman" and "man" to be more inclusive of transgender identities.

Currently, the definition of "woman" ("adult human female") in particular is frequently upheld by hateful individuals and institutions to exclude trans women from womanhood. As trans people and allies we find this trend unacceptable, and we aim to ask the relative companies of these dictionaries (including Google who reflects said definitions, particularly by Lexico) to curb the definition to refer not just to a person's sex, but also their gender identity.

We feel this small change goes a long way to show compassion and a sense of belonging to trans people who's very identities are so often facing harsh response just for being different.

PS: If anyone has a more precise target name, I will update it accordingly when mentioned.

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