Make Khasi a language on Google Translate

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There are many languages like Faroese and Scots Gaelic on Google Translate. Although these languages are important in their own ways, their number of speakers do not exceed 50,000. The Khasi Language however, has about 1.6 million speakers and for this number of speakers, there is a need to add the Khasi Language to Google Translate. 
Although there are several dictionaries that translate English to Khasi, they are not as helpful to the person who needs a translation to the Khasi Language. Therefore, the Khasi Language must be added on Google Translate because there is a demand for translation not just from English to Khasi but from other languages to Khasi as well. 
As a Khasi speaker living in Sydney, Australia, I‘ve met a lot of people speaking a range of languages and they ask me if their languages could be translated to Khasi. At this age, it is quite uncomfortable to refer to inadequate dictionaries both online and physical.