Abolish Animal Agriculture & Feed Starving People

Abolish Animal Agriculture & Feed Starving People

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Marjani Israel started this petition to Google, Inc

We as human beings, find effective ways to live our lives through the means of our environment and the influences put onto us by social media. Over the years we have grown and changed as people but still practice ways of living that not only harm us as people but destroy our planet and hurt the animal life on this earth with us.

For example, we are very used to being told that milk from cows is good for us, even though we only needed our own mothers' milk, for a short amount of time after we were born. Not only is cow milk a bad source for calcium, there are properties in many animal products that affect us humans in a negative way. From the acidity in our blood to the damage on our bones, most of us are instilled in habits that lead to terrible outcomes.

We are not omnivores as we'd like to believe out of habit. We are structured closer to herbivores like the gorilla or even rabbits, at least more than any lion in the jungle.

Many of our food crops go directly toward fattening trillions of farm animals that are kept in debilitating conditions, for the sole purpose of slaughtering them. I'm sorry to be so blunt about this but people want to consume dead flesh (that's been cleaned, chemically altered and advertised as food for centuries) and with this demand, slaughterhouses around the globe make this a huge priority. They care about money, not our wellbeing. And most certainly, not the animals we so easily take for granted everyday.

We are part of the animal kingdom but we cannot change the way we are as a species. What we can do, is realise the best ways for us to grow and live our best lives on this planet while being considerate of those who live among us. People should be informed of what happens to these animals, what happens to our environment, our society and how all of this, serves us human beings in the worst possible way overtime.

If you're an animal lover,
If you're someone that hates violence,

if you're tired of negativity...

Do your research and go vegan. It's honestly just that simple.

Personal story
My name is Marjani Israel and I have been vegan for over 2 years now. Adjusting to any new lifestyle can be a challenge but I definitely regret not starting alot sooner. Having the knowledge about what I eat and how animal agriculture harms us, has ultimately made me a more compassionate and well mannered human being. It's also been good for me, considering that I've felt sick most of my life...and after going vegan, I no longer feel burdened by fatigue, sinus issues, heartburn or stomach problems. I feel more energised and I wish other people would think of making changes in their lives to feel better, with things in general as opposed to speaking ignorantly or blatantly inaccurate claims about veganism when they are simply misinformed. Everyone is different in their own ways but we are all part of a collective source of energy and live on the same planet. Anything to forward our progression as a society, strikes me as very important and I do hope everyone that reads this, can move forward in strength. No more toxicity, no more pain.

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