Google Translate for Sanskrit

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Dear Google,

One of the oldest yet the most advanced languages on the planet is Sanskrit. There's a major revival of the language today not only in India but worldwide. An important tool in learning of languages is a dictionary and in the modern world it is translator apps like Google translate. Sadly though Sanskrit language translation is not supported by this most popular tool!

The sheer quality and volume of texts from Hindu religion, heritage, science, literature and philosophy that's available in Sanskrit can be accessed by humanity thorough the spread of this language. It is also widely known that the structure and grammar of this language make it a model for advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence.

The human species has a lot to gain through ahead of this language and through this petition I make an enthusiastic appeal to Google Inc to add support for translation from/to Sanskrit to English as well as to other regional Indian languages. Believe it or not, this may be Google's best contribution to advancement of humanity!!


Hemant Mallapur