Google should stop using backlinks to value and rank websites

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Search Engine Optimization involves creating those pesky backlinks which will rank your website higher, but what a shoddy way for Google  to measure how good your website is. Really Google should be able to do better than this... The content of your affiliate blogging website shouldn’t be judged by how many people you have spammed successfully with your links but by the content that you post, right?

Unfortunately that spamming and links is still the measure of worth today. We have had a horrible horrendous experience trying to get our links anywhere. Since one is unable to buy backlinks, one has to beg for them. In the end, great content is buried under shoddy content because they can afford to buy backlinks. Well what about us at who are beating up ourselves writing stuff? Who is going to read us?

Google should consider using other metrics to rank websites. You are hurting the little man!

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