Google, please show disability friendly filter/information for addresses.

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My name is Lekshmi Gopinathan, an adventure enthusiast, author and social entrepreneur. I suffered from a major accident, a couple of months ago and was left immobile for days to follow. I use a walker or crutch to go to places outside my home. While this in itself is tough, I find it tougher to use internet to find disable friendly places like restaurants or theaters or shops or bookshops or supermarkets, absolutely anything. This got me thinking, when Google works so well on user generated content, it should be mandatory for them to create a filter for disabled friendly and accessible places on Google search. This should include information on if there are stairs, if it's level ground or if it has a ramp for wheelchair access. It's an algorithm that Google should develop for basic equality of human rights. 

While I was ignorant of disability rights' and inequality in the past, the past few months have taught me and each human connected to me, who helps me in everyday pursuits, few lessons. Please support me while I bring this major issue to the attention of a medium that helps us everyday in multiple ways.