GOOGLE please help tracking Lyme Disease

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 Tick born Lyme Disease is a crippling set of infections and viruses (<100) that grow very slowly inside victims and has the ability to hide from antibiotics once in chronic symptomatic Disease state. It kills us slowly so isn't as scarey to the public.

Most Lyme Disease is mis-diagnosed or ignored by doctors even when shown positive tests of ours or when whole families have  positive tests such as mine. The CDC reporting criteria leaves out so many of us with Lyme and only catch around 30k ppl per yr. We don't have a trustworthy acceptable test after 45 years of CDC. with them knowing about this growing pandemic. Lyme has sickened an estimated 300,000 to 1.5 MILLION people *per year, and THAT is by CDC est, who wants to hide it!

The criteria to report isn't the same as the criteria to diagnose, explained right on the CDC's website. Yet that's where doctors refer to before writing "fibromyalgia or crazy" on our medical records. We need better tracking than the government's insincere attempts. We are asking Google to track Lyme as they are doing for Zika and West Nile viruses. Lyme Disease is in every state in the U.S. and most countries. The government has been hiding the numbers of sick and barely have done any studies to help us. The CDC is also targeting our Lyme Literate doctors for treating us with the only available treatments, which are expensive, not very effective and not covered by insurance. Which is the likely reason for the purposful ignorance of our governments around the world. Once it goes chronic almost EVERY doctor misdiagnoses it and people don't get treatment, or get the wrong treatment that makes us worse and it destroys our lives and families.

Google has the information collection aptitude to give the government, and us, a true picture of the amount of people with Lyme Disease. They can also track symptoms and even help us get the government to stop covering it up? So if you have Lyme or symptoms of Lyme that you can't get diagnosed or family with Lyme please sign this petition. Maybe Google will listen soon?

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