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Get Google/YouTube to keep YouTube video editor & Photo Slideshow

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On September 20, 2017, YouTube will be shutting down it's YouTube video editor & photo slideshow. These are 2 of the most necessary tools used in making YouTube videos. Many people are dependent solely on these 2 tools to create many of the videos currently on YouTube & in many countries across the world, there either isn't a comparable equivalent or the local download/upload speeds outside of YouTube's built in speeds may hinder the availability or quality of any future videos. Many people internationally are dependent upon YouTube video uploads to earn money as well & without access to these built-in tools, they may not be able to earn money to help support themselves & their families. If you would like to show Google how much their YouTube Video Editor & Photo Slideshow tools are needed & to ask them to continue making them available to produce videos beyond September 20, 2017... PLEASE sign this petition!

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