STOP Google+ Porn Spam! Tell Google to FIX their Spam Filter

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Communities on Google+ have become overrun by pornography because Google has stopped updating their spam filter. With 300 Million active users, Google+ exposes millions of unsuspecting adults and children to vile pornography every day by allowing pornography on their servers.

During the first couple years of Communities, Google+ maintained their filters to prevent porn from entering communities. However, they have since stopped maintaining it and now claim that it is the responsibility of community moderators to ban and delete bot accounts that post porn around the clock. This is an impossible solution because community moderators cannot moderate communities in real time. It is estimated that the average actively moderated community is only moderated every 3 to 6 hours. This is a large window for Google+ users to be exposed to pornography between when the porn is posted and when it is manually removed.

In the early years of Google+, I interfaced directly with Google employees who coordinated with us when spammers developed new techniques to break their filters. Eventually, Google's spam team disappeared and stopped maintaining their filters. A few hours a week of a Google spam team developer would filter porn spam in real time. It would save hundreds of hours a week of community moderators manually removing the spam.

The only viable solution is for Google to fix their spam filters. Please sign this petition to tell Google to fix their filters NOW!