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“TERRIBLE Customer Service” - Backstory: I've worked in customer service for 6 years now, so I know what it's like and I know a lot of people complain and they're usually difficult customers. This is a genuine warning. DO NOT do business with this company, they will steal your money, and they'll laugh at you as they do it.

I ordered an item on their website. I have a screenshot of their website which prices this item at 63.19 I paid an extra 3.95 for faster shipping, on August 27, 2016.

On August 30th I was sent the item tracking number, however the link did not work, I contacted the company and asked for a working tracking number, and I was told that the item needed to be dyed and then it would ship (makes sense, since it was a black stocking and they're usually beige, no big deal, I'm good.)

On September 6th I contact the company for the third time to ask for shipping information, only to be told that the item was delivered an hour ago. Never got that follow up on a tracking number, but whatever, the item was delivered, so I'm understanding, I send a big "Awesome! Thanks!" back.

The item is beige.

Why you would tell me that I don't have shipping info because the item needs to be dyed, and it was never dyed in the first place, is beyond me. But whatever, I'll just exchange it, mistakes happen, I understand you're working with a manufacturer and it didn't come for your company directly.

"Quick and Easy Returns" ... Not at all.

I submitted an exchange ticket, and was told the following: (This is verbatim including spelling mistakes, really professional, I know)

"We cam exchnage them to the color black for you, but since black is not a stocked item, it will cost more then the color beige, and once it is ordered, it will take 5-7 days before it will be available to be shipped as the hip attachment needs to be sewn and it needs to be dyed black. The price for the black will be $79.19, would you like to continue with the exchange?"

No I would not like to pay more for an item that I have already purchased.

So I called. I was re-read the email and then when I said I understand what is going on, but I don't want to pay more money. The representative responded by saying "What don't you understand, then?" 

I was transferred to the supervisor. Matthew. Oh... sweet, sweet Matthew. I was immediately interrupted, told that the order was a custom order, and shouldn't have been listed on the website at all (but it was, and I ordered it, and the company continued on as though my order would honored without notifying me that I'd made a special, more expensive request) and then proceeded to tell me that they would not exchange the item for the same price...

I began speaking to a coworker who was sitting beside me, listening in disbelief, when I hear our friend Matthew say, "don't talk while I'm talking" and then the call was "dropped".
I called back and stated that, "I'm sorry the call was dropped," to which Matthew responded "It wasn't dropped, I hung up on you... and I'll continue to do so as I see fit."

Mind you, I've hung up on customers before. For being hateful, cursing, or spewing ignorant speech that just isn't acceptable. I was doing none of this. I was making a reasonable request, clarifying what I was asking for, and being persistent in that I don't pay for a company's mistake.

Long story short, all I was offered is store credit for the returned item. Either pay $16 more (not a lot of money but it's the principle of it now) and get what I wanted and should have received in the first place, keep the wrong item I have (I'm a pretty dark brown person so I don't want a beige stocking that cost me over $50), or return it and the company that treated me like scum can keep it's money.

PLEASE save yourself the trouble. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. If I can say it a million times, I will. I posted a complaint on fb, of course it was removed, so I currently have a case open with my attorney.

I've never felt so disrespected and helpless as I did today. Pay the extra $10 to a company that will value you.

This company either needs to fire the people it employed, or better educate them on how to handle customer concerns and address the issues. 

The review service they use to rate them on Google is shopper approved, which collects reviews upon purchasing an item, before most have any issues as it's simple to place an order online, and then again up to 6 months later (I haven't received a follow up survey now 11 days later) so bad experiences arent necessarily getting recorded, as the 73K good reviews are generally referring to the product they ordered, or the ease of placing the product, not the customer service received. I'm afraid that their less than 30% approval rating won't be heard and others with medical issues will continue to go through this vicious cycle. 

Google, please remove compression sale from top search results, and gather survey results and reviews independently and/or allow a place to review online businesses through Google, in addition to google maps reviews. 

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