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I placed in order in Aug. didn't fit, exchanged, for larger size. Still small returned for store credit, they sent me another pair - different brand, cheaper price, when I called Cust. Service, they told me they are all the same and just send back and they will issue credit. So when i order using credit the item cost me additional money, but is discontinued by manufacturer so that is more of a credit. I emailed and said I feel the additional money should not be a credit since in was the never shipped and should be credited back to me, so they credited my bank account, then two weeks later they take it back out. Then when I call them about it first they try telling me the item was shipped to me and they have a tracking #, when I'm sitting there looking at the original email saying the item was no longer available and what my new store credit was. When I told them I didn't receive it cause it was never shipped but discontinued, he had to go check with the manufacturer. then came back and told me he would have to check with his team and get back to me. So we will see........... Just want my money back and to be done with this company. Huge disappointment!!!!!!!

Joy Gifford, Northville, NY, United States
4 years ago
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