Don't Shut Down Google Plus

Papal France -
From The High Council{Royal Courts}In Lyon, France E.U.
République Francaise
To French President Emmanuel Dé Macron And Of Neighboring American Government Donald J. Trump...
It Has Been Brought To The Attension Of The Grand Elders Of The Royal Courts In France
That Google+ Has Been Shut Down For Commercial Consumer Usage, However We, The Sacred Congregation Of Cardinal Shall Not Tolerate The Shutdown Of Google+
There For The Grand Elders Of Royal Courts In France Have Decided To Press Charges On Googleplex, For The Haineous Offenses Of: High Treason, Blasphémy Or Else Tampering Of Social Media Involving And/Or Concerning La Masonic Temple Du Francaise.
Monsieur Andrâe Paul One And Freemason(House Of Rothschild Parliament Du Francaise)

De Catholique Pontificate Andrae Paul One., Buffalo, NY, United States
9 months ago
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