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Don't Block Indie Artists' Music Videos

There have been reports that YouTube will block the music videos of musicians signed to indie labels due to a new lisencing agreement for a new YouTube ad-free streaming service. This is allegedly to provide the best customer experience by not forcing some to watch ads while other listen and watch without ads. However, by blocking indie labels YouTube would be reducing the amount of content on their sites and effectively forcing labels to sign a contract for what has traditionally been an open platform. 

For many this goes against Google's (YouTube's parent company) famous "Don't be evil" philosophy, and it certainly runs contrary to what has been expected of YouTube by content providers and consumers alike.

This petition is a preemptive act to ask YouTube not to deprive consumers of content, nor to deprive content creators the chance to have their work seen and heard. We realize that this is a preliminary report and the reality may not match these early reports. This is simply to show support for the current model of YouTube and to request that music videos from musicians who are unsigned or are signed to a label that has not agreed to this new contract are not blocked.

While there have been reports that labels representing 95% of the music industry have already signed the new contract and that videos provided through Vevo will still be available, many artists, including The xx, Adele, Jack White, and Arctic Monkeys are currently in line to be at least partially blocked from YouTube. Furthermore, there is no information currently as to whether or not other, less well known independent artists will be affected by this change. If they are, the diversity of the popular music scene could be severly diminished.  YouTube has become a popular path through which lesser-known artists spread their work, and without such a path these artists will have a much harder time presenting their work.

Our request is simple: please do not remove some of your consumer base's favorite music from your sites.

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