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Demand Youtube remove semi-to-fully automatic conversion videos

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Searching YouTube for the phrase "semi to full auto conversion" yields 1,360,000 results. Though many of these are false matches, thousands, probably 10's of thousands, are legitimate matches. These videos quickly instruct anyone with a grudge, a mental illness, or just a bad day exactly how to take a legal semi-automatic weapon and make it into an illegal weapon, capable of killing and injuring hundreds of people in minutes.

Many of these videos have a disclaimer to the effect of "you know, this is illegal, but if you're curious...(wink, wink)". Run the search and you will see some of these have been posted for 3 and 4 years, with millions of views, so they are actually making money off of instructing on criminal activity.

This shouldn't be hard. It's an illegal procedure, which makes it a violation of YouTube's terms-of-use and did I mention IT'S ILLEGAL UNDER FEDERAL LAW. The people that post these need to have their accounts suspended and the videos of their illegal act turned over to the proper authorities. They are showing people how to commit A CRIME.

No one expects Washington to do anything soon. It's a complex issue under our laws, but doing nothing is not acceptable. We can at least demand that YouTube stop making it so easy for criminals, terrorists, the mentally ill, and other people who should not have guns. Please sign the petition, please leave a comment, and please share. 

If you dislike guns, you should agree with this. If you are a responsible gun owner, you should really agree with this. This isn't controversial. This information is making it too simple, and YouTube (owned by Google) needs to take it down now. Thanks for reading and signing.


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