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Compel YouTube to Punish Logan Paul 's Channel

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It is time to put an end to Logan Paul 's irresponsible and terrorizing behaviour. On New Year's Eve, Logan Paul posted an uncensored video of him and his "crew" entering the Aokigahara forest near Mount Fuji in Japan.

In the posted video on YouTube, he showed the body of a deceased who had committed suicide in the forest. He proceeds by taking a humorous stance and even makes a few comedic attempts at the corpse.

Many celebrities have already criticized Logan's actions including Aaron Paul, Rebecca Black, Michael J. Murphy, Rosanna Pansino and Nathan Zed. 

In Logan's first apology, he continuously mentions his success, suggesting that the apology is rather a publicity stunt. In his second apology, he speaks with a more solemn tone, talking about how he is only human and still makes negative actions. However, we must remember that this video is a YouTube video. What this means is that he must have taken the time to edit the video, to share the video and to think about whether or not it would be appropriate to upload the video. As you can see, Logan Paul's actions have become more and more reckless without restraint.

Not only is this controversial video Logan's fault, YouTube (a video streaming website run by Google) also had a large part to play in the misconduct. Logan Paul's video was viewed over 6 million times before the public realized what was happening. This was mainly caused by YouTube.

The video had already been flagged thousands of times by public viewers. However, the administrators at YouTube/Google, manually reviewed the video showing a dead corpse and decided that it was appropriate to allow Logan's video to remain posted.

YouTube is so oblivious in fact, that they had decided to put this horrifying video on Trending. Trending features videos hand-picked by YouTube that they think are gaining fame and should be viewed more. 

As a YouTube Channel (Drama Alert) states "These individuals will not go anywhere. No one is going to take down Jake Paul and Logan Paul and primarily the reason why no one will take them down is because their fans are children and they control the minds of your children. Parents, you're not watching what your kids are watching online, these two are predators with predatory behaviour that instill this idea within your child's head that they are not cool unless they are in the 'Logang,' that they are not cool unless they're a 'Jake Pauler.' [...] The only one that can take down Jake Paul and Logan Paul are parents, parents that are actually caring about what their children are watching."

So far, other than the backlash, Logan Paul has not yet been punished in any way. 

This petition is to prompt YouTube and Google to take action and initiative to do something about this situation and unleash a punishment on Logan Paul.

Please sign this petition if you are also frustrated with this animal's behaviour. If you are a parent and care about what your children are doing online, I highly recommend signing this petition. The man is showing you children imagery of dead corpses and other petrifying images. This man is shaping our future in such a negative way and deserves to be halted.

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