Code Source releasing solicitude (Specific Hardware)

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Independent developers, usually, we use the foundations of the Google Source Code to make Roms in old devices, to extend one/a few more years the use of it.

We understand that technology advances, that commerce and marketing exist; but, as end users, and lovers of programming, we like, from time to time, to see unbelievable things for OEMs and H.A.L.

We would like to request, in a humble and courteous manner, that all those hardware manufacturers, and, that the manager of the Android Open Source Project, freely provide the development instructions, of course, of devices and hardware already launched to the market, precisely, to avoid the use of illegal methods and Reverse Engineering, apart from avoiding the disclosure of vital information of their way of working to the competition.

We would be really grateful for your support, and response to the matter.

Best regards to all.

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