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Bring the +1 counter button back

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There are a lot of bloggers who use Google's blogging product called 'Blogger' or the regular 'blogspot' domain. 

Google plus recently removed the traditional +1 counter, that worked like Facebook's Like button. Now, it just appears as a share button outside Google plus. The problem is that a lot of us have worked hard on our blog posts, and the +1 counter was like a validation for us. 

Now that it's removed, we no longer have that validation as well. Blogger and Google plus in the past have made changes that have caused negative impacts like disappearing of comments and not getting the proper number of likes. 

Google plus is saying that the +1 button is evolving, but to us, it seems as if it's dissolving. 

We want Google plus and Blogger to bring the +1 counter back, as it really matters to us. Otherwise, we'll be forced to switch to... Wordpress. We understand that Google plus has its reasons for removing it and turning into just another share button, but why can't it be made optional? Those who want the counter can opt for the same, and those who want the share button can opt for that. Or why not have both? Facebook uses both, right? And so does Google plus? Why can't us bloggers decide the features we'd like to use? Not many people even use Blogger, and those who do would certainly like the +1 counter to return.

So please help the blogging community by signing this petition. This will help us in regaining our stats. 

Thank you for reading.

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