Banned TTTEAndSpongebobYes FurfagsNo From YouTube and Google+

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This guy on YouTube And Google+ Has Been Stalking and Harassing Furries Non-stop on both Youtube and Google+.... So I'm One those victims of his Harassment for 3 or 4 Months... Not only that he been Spamming Furries/DDLG Groups with ether that Steve from Blue Clues Flipping the bird,His Picture of his "logo" On his Group... that Connect Four Meme thing and anything that has Anti-furries in it... He also Wanted a Teacher Fired for Being a Furry...  and I Heard from Someone he Made a Person kill themselves. He's Unstable To Be on the Internet... and if even Tell him that not all Furries are______ He will Ignore you... cause he Ignorant... He did Get banned one time On Google+ but he came Back cause He told them a lie that he wasn't going to do it again... Google Do You Even Care For Those get Harass Online nonstop to a Sociopath/Psychopath On The Your Site And your going to Believe them? Please Google... Ban This Monster on Your Site And Never Let On Again If he's begs Alot.

Links to His YouTube and Google+ Page: