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Ban the Paul brothers from YouTube

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Recently, YouTube has been cluttered with news and drama stemming from Jake and Logan Paul.  Many people point towards their bad and unfunny humor as to why they're clearly undeserving of their following and create a negative atmosphere in the YouTube community, but the problem is much larger than this. Recently, the Paul brothers have been the subject of many mainstream news channels.  While being interviewed by said sources, the Paul brothers, specifically Jake,  were completely and undeniably disrespectful to the news anchor interviewing them. And example of this would be him climbing onto the news van and then proceeding to verbally make fun of the reporter. The Paul brothers have also been a big disturbance to their neighbors, as they have made their address public and thus a large gathering is often outside their residence and loudly prowling the neighborhood. They have promoted more mob behavior during the 2017 VidCon where they hosted a "scavenger hunt" in the yard of VidCons location. This scavenger hunt caused mass chaos at the convention as hundreds (or possibly thousands) of people ran wildly through and around the convention. This type of behavior sets a terrible example for the many younger viewers of the Paul Brothers and could eventually lead to much bigger and more dangerous antics from their young viewers. The Paul Brothers are currently the biggest people on YouTube, gathering more daily views than PewDiePie.  They need to be stopped before their youthful followers begin to believe they're behavior is acceptable. 

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