Ban Onision From YouTube

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Onision is a YouTuber who speaks his opinions on other YouTubers. Not only are his videos extremely hurtful, but they go against YouTube's Harassment and Cyberbullying Policy. YouTube's Harassment and Cyberbullying Policy states that members of the YouTube community can't make abusive videos, comments, or messages toward others, deliberately post content in order to humilate others, or make hurtful and negative comments/videos about another person. Onision violates these (if you want to read more about Youtube's Harassment and Cyberbullying Policy, you can look at YouTubes Help Center.) Other creators have spoken to YouTube about his videos but YouTube will not take down his channels. There is a difference between speaking your opinions and harassing somebody. What Onision is doing is slander and could cause these YouTubers that he's harassing to harm themselves or even commit suicide. Sign my petition to get YouTube's attention about this issue and remove Onisions channels.