Ban apps like YOLO and Tellonym in Canada where my daughter was told to KILL HERSELF.

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Natalie Boll
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The past 13 months have been hell for my family after my daughter was a victim of relentless bullying at her school. The bullying started in grade 7 while a student at Crofton House School when my daughter was only 12 and spread to the anonymous online apps Tellonym and then YOLO

One evening my sister in Montreal, daughter, had seen messages on my daughter's Tellonym profile link to her Instagram profile. The messages were telling my daughter," "KILL YOURSELF," and "DRINK BLEACH." The messages continued, and the only way to protect my daughter was taking away her phone. 

Over the summer, while we were abroad, my daughter started to get more messages on the YOLO app, including ones talking of gang rape. I immediately deleted the app and all the messages. 

No child should have to be subjected to this type of harassment. 

The messages came to her through the apps Tellonym and later YOLO, which are both free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. They are both anonymous apps where people can make anonymous accounts and send anonymous messages to and about others.

Much like the case made for the app Sarahah because of the anonymous nature of these apps, they have also become a breeding ground for HATE, encouraging SELF-HARM and SUICIDE. 

Both the Apple App Store and Google Play have policies against bullying and harassment, and our Canadian Government spends thousands of dollars on anti-bullying campaigns and mental health for our children. So let me ask our Government, why are we allowing apps that facilitate bullying, harassment, or self-harm in our country? Why are Tellonym and YOLO still available on these platforms?

My daughter overdosed after taking Xanax in her school washroom. She could have died and had now been admitted into Children's Hospital on two occasions for self-harming after a year of relentless bullying. 

I read the previous petition created by another mother, Katrina Collins, for a very similar case for the app Sarahah that was later dropped from both Apple and Google. 

Lets not have another child die as a result of these apps! Please help me get these apps off of the Apple Store and Google Play and ban them from Canada and other countries. 

I told my daughter today is the day we are going to #takebackyourstory. #speakevenifyourvoiceshakes