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Free the platforms

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As the two largest and most influential companies in the technology landscape, Google and Apple effectively share a monopoly when it comes to mobile devices.

In terms of software, they both own and control the marketplaces where individuals like you and me interact with the world and each other.

Recently both these tech giants have taken it upon themselves to moderate what they consider to be allowable opinions. What they term as 'hate speech' is in most cases simply opinions that goes against the grain of left-wing ideology.

Yes, extreme opinions might not always be agreeable. But by arbitrarily censoring opinions you don't agree with or deem offensive, you rob everyone from the opportunity to openly discuss the pros and cons of those opinions.

Society is built on compromises between ideas. Without the possibility of open discussion, there can be no compromise. is a recent contender to twitter, and has been banned by both Google and Apple. It's just a platform for discussion. Let us who value openness and free speech have this as a necessary tool in today's interconnected social landscape.

Please sign and forward this petition to put pressure on Apple and Google to allow free speech in their marketplaces. Your freedom is at stake!

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