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Depression Kills

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"No one cares about me. I am useless--"

This are just some famous lines that depressed people are saying.  In this generation, many people are taking away their own lives because of depression. They think that, killing themselves is a solution. They don't even know where they were going after they die.

But no! Taking your own life is not a solution. We as an individual,  we should do something for them. If we know someone that is depressed. Talk to him/her, there's no wrong about talking to them. Make them feel that they are not alone, that they have a friend to lean on. 

I am writing this petition because I care to the lives of others. I want to stop them from taking their own lives,  I want to save more lives, ofcourse with the help of other using 

With this petition,  I'm hoping that more of us will join to be a help for those who want to end their lives.  

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