Demand Google to remove hate speech links against a blind person from their search engine

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What's the story?
Hidgi Chuan helped a woman in therapy to get out of an abusive and violent relationship. As a result of this the ex-boyfriend started a campaign of slander, defamation and cyber-bullying against Hidgi Chuan, his ex-girlfriend and her circle of friends on blogs from Wordpress.
Especially in Hidgi Chuan's case as a blind person the gravity and the damage are massive.
It is really immoral and disgusting to attack a blind person like this.
Since those attacks are in the internet it has been impossible for Hidgi Chuan to find an assistant who he needs to help him with the daily life and traveling. Nowadays he barely survives because of some friends.
This has been escalating for the last 4 years. During this time a lot of money got wasted on many lawyers who due to the legal system in Germany couldn't reach anything. Still we are going on to file complaints against those blogs on and the ex-boyfriend in the hope that one day cyber-bullying will be taken seriously by the law.


1) Google confirmed during a meeting to be a company that is determined to act against cyber bullying and that they would not tolerate violations like this. Now, seven weeks later, there is only a small change happening. Emails and SMS are not answered, the responsible person is "not available“, replied questions are not answered and more than half of the URLs that were applied for removal are processed in an insufficient way or, not at all. Google lied! Google should keep their word and move against cyber bullying in an active way by removing the hate-post URLs from the internet!

2) Google is a powerful company and Google does have the power to create a change concerning a situation like this. And even though Google is not the one who started the cyber bullying, it is a fact that cyber bullying is possible through systems like search engines, blogs of Wordpress, etc Therefore, Google should be willing to take their responsibility and should not be watching people's life being destroyed by cyber bullying, even the life of a blind person, as it is the case in this situation!

3) This horrible story and the subject of cyber bullying must be brought to public attention. The courts, the police, the attorneys, the media and the police have to become aware that through their non – action life are destroyed by cyber bullying!

4) Legal matters concerning cyber bullying have to be renewed! The law has to be made more reactive concerning cyber bullying and possibilities need to be created to make the perpetrators hold accountable so that many more people can be prevented from suffering from the aggression of cyber bullying or even committing suicide because of it!

5) Perpetrators of cyber bullying must not be protected, anymore! They are destroying the life of people!