Data - A new monetary source for people

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  1. Data has become new oil.It has become a natural resource creating digital infrastructure.It is being collected as a right and privilege by monopolies of Cyber world.
  2. It is time we demand our fair share of contribution.Our data is being sold to MNCs making us consumers of their products.
  3. Like Advertisers get money from Ads,We demand Price for our data and right of informed consent  providing a option of opt out 
  4. Every bit of data generated from my actions in cyberworld need to accounted for.In a capitalist,open and free world nothing is free,so why shouldnot i sell my data which is anyway collected using lengthy and confused privacy agreement
  5. It will have large implications
  • Data will generate revenue for poor and underprivileged
  • It will enlighten people about their digital rights
  • It will bring the veil of secrecy down
  • Monopolies will become more responsible