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trigger warning about suicide:

Logan Paul has recently posted a video about suicide. No, not raising awareness but laughing at the face of a man who has hung himself. He went to a forest in Japan in which suicides are often committed. He came across the body of a man who had hung himself. Instead of turning the camera off, he films the deceased man (only blurring out his face) and begins to make small jokes. In the video, him and his friends are laughing and smiling next to the man, continuing to record him with no respect whatsoever. He said "what if a kid were to come across this" and points to a group of kids walking by. But then proceeded to post the video. Suicide is one of the top three leading causes of death. Logan Paul has a subcriber count of 15 million people. He belittled suicide on a platform where so many small children watch his videos. YouTube quickly deletes and bans videos of the LGBTQ+ community and videos that do not deserve to be deleted but they could not delete a video of their most famous YouTuber Logan Paul who filmed a man who killed himself and posted it. Logan deleted the video after receiving so much hate. Logan still has a channel. Don't see the problem yet? On his twitter he made an apology tweet talking about how he shouldn't have posted and didn't realize what the video would mean to others. He filmed the video, he edited the video, he had his manager watch the video, he posted the video. All those steps and not once did he think about how horrible the video was. He said he hoped the video would be a "positive ripple" on the internet. He hoped that posting a video about him laughing at suicide would create a positive reaction. The worst part is that people still like him. People are still defending him after what he did. These kids are so eager on following someone so famous that they do not realize how many people Logan hurt from posting one video. Please ban his channel he can not continue to make videos when he has no respect and is this immature. If you are suffering from something, or if you need help. Get help. The suicide hotline is always open for anyone to call and talk to. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You are not alone. The number to call is 1-800-273-8255. Please sign this petition for Logan Paul to be banned from ever creating content on such a huge platform again. 

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