Ask Big Tech to Stop Using "Blacklist" & "Whitelist"

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Language holds an immense amount of power, especially when its usage becomes ingrained in our daily interactions (socially, in business dealing, and elsewhere). There's no time like the present to be critical of the language we use in our daily lives that reinforces racist stereotypes and is embedded in the fabric of our culture. 

If you work in tech, marketing or an adjacent industry you've likely heard & used the terms "whitelist" & "blacklist" to indicate the free use (or blockade) of segments, inventory, etc. While these terms may seem innocuous, they are tied to a long history of the word "white" being used with a positive connotation, while "black" holds a negative one. 

There is an easy solution here: STOP USING THESE TERMS. Why can't we have "Green Lists" and "Red Lists" instead? Or "Go Lists" and "No Lists"? The time is now to make this change, and Big Tech can be at the forefront of this change. In the meantime, change the way you speak about these things within your own organization and in your personal life. PLEASE SHARE!