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Take Full Responsibility for the issues plaguing the Nexus 6P Battery

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The Nexus 6P was one of the most popular devices ever to be sold under the Nexus brand. As Google's larger sized Vanilla Android Device, it alongside the 5X were sold and rated one of the best devices to be sold at its release. Alongside well rounded specifications, the 6P had an Aluminum design and features of a flagship device with a moderate price.

In recent months, however, many customers have criticized Huawei and Google about the changes in the battery life. Over its life, customers notice the battery shutting down when the battery indicator would hit at least 10%, with the most common being around 20%. In some instances, customers noticed the battery shut down at nearly 70%.

Google and Huawei haven't taken any responsibility, with Huawei denying customers the ability to get a battery replacement. Huawei's customer service lacked the comprehension to understand that the issue was more on hardware rather than software, and blamed the customers for the battery quality. In addition, Google initially offered no support.

Recently, reports have come out that Google is offering Nexus 6P users who have this issue and brought the device through the Google Play Store or Project Fi the ability to receive a new device without charge. In addition, some customers reported receiving a Google Pixel, which was Google's most recent device. At the same time, those that have not purchased the device from Google had no other option to call Huawei, which has denied that this was a hardware issue and has taken no responsibility for the action.

We ask that Huawei and Google team up to work on a recall program, and to provide all customers the option to be compensated for the issue, as it poses concerns about the quality of the battery. We ask Google to provide all customers equal treatment, regardless of where the product was purchased at, as Apple does with their devices. We want Huawei to fully investigate the issue and also provide insight as to what causes the issue.

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