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Google @AdSense please end your partnerships with Sandy Hook Hoax sites.

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On December 14th, 2012, twenty-six students and teachers were senselessly gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Five years later, a small industry of websites remain dedicated to spreading malicious conspiracies about the tragedy.

Websites like these and the people who publish them have tormented the victims and their families.

The publishers promoting these hurtful lies share a common business partner: Google.

The five sites shown in the link above all earn revenue via the Google Display Network. An advertiser pays Google for the ad impressions or clicks, Google keeps a percent of the money and gives the rest of the money to the publisher. Since most advertisers don't track every site their ads appear on, few know they are sponsoring a network of hateful conspiracy theorists.

Advertisers trust Google to help them find customers, but since Google is unwilling or unable to distinguish quality content in its ad display network from sites that promote conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook; advertising dollars line the pockets of these awful publishers.

Despite months of communication from activists at Sleeping Giants, Google has failed to take action.

So  as the 5th Anniversary of the murders at Sandy Hook approaches, we are asking for your help.

Let’s tell Google this isn't OK! Tell them that while the First Amendment protects speech, it doesn't guarantee an income for spouting conspiracies about the murder of young children.

Please join us in asking Google to stop funding Sandy Hook Denial.



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