Add hydrogen emojis for promotion of hydrogen economy

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Currently, there is no emoji related to hydrogen on any big social media platform. If someone is using fuel cell vehicle of any of hydrogen technologies, he or she has to write and explain it in more details to be clear with the audience.

Hydrogen economy is the idea of using hydrogen technologies in more fields of our lives. It is more eco-friendly than conventional fuel society, in which we live now. Hydrogen is the path of development, chosen by many developed countries. One can mention Hydrogen Council, European Union laws promoting hydrogen as a way to the future of more "green" energy.

Emojis are very good way of expressing the thoughts in shorter way. They also work as a tool of promotion for ideas. Therefore, it is so important that hydrogen related ideas are reflected on this powerful tool.

We suggest to add hydrogen related emojis on main huge social media platforms, like Android OS (Google), IOS (Apple), Microsoft, Facebook (including WhatsApp and Instagram) and etc. 

It will enable users of these platforms to express their ideas and feelings about hydrogen society brighter and clearer.

The implementation of this idea is not that hard and doesn't require much resources.

We suggest to include the following emojis, related to hydrogen:

  • • Hydrogen car (with H2 sign)
  • • Hydrogen gas station
  • • Hydrogen fuel
  • • Hydrogen fuel cell
  • • Hydrogen technologies fan and etc.

It is not limited by this list, and any ideas are welcomed. 

Please share this petition with the others, so we can impact on our society in a good way.

Thank you very much!