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Add more flashy text to Plus

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Google+ is, on its own, a good platform. However, there are several features that could make it better if present. One sort of feature that would probably would not be too difficult to implement would be FANCYTEXT™.

Google+ already has support for bolditalicsbold italics, and strikethroughs. However, there are several other text features that would be much appreciated by its users.

  • Spoiler tags!

These would be probably the most useful in fandom-related communities and collections. However, they could also prove useful as an alternative to strikethroughs for certain contexts.


Hey, tumblr lets you do it. And besides, it can really do a lot for emphasis.

  • Greentext!

This would probably be the most frequently used of these new text features and the most wanted of these new text features. After all, as someone who uses this website regularly, people still use the classic >meme arrows like they would on forums and imageboards even though it doesn't work. If it did work, that would really make a lot of users happy. I would know. I polled people manually.

These are all things that your loyal Google+ users would love to see.

Please implement them for us.

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