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Protect books from being rated before copies are available to be read.

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While Goodreads is a great site for both readers and authors, the current rating system has a major flaw that forces the rating system to serve two separate functions.

We have drafted the following letter to Goodreads. If you agree, please "sign" this electronic petition to let them know.

Dear Goodreads:

It has come to my attention that once an author creates a Goodreads page and adds their "in the pipeline" book, or someone adds a book they have heard will be released, there is no way to keep people from rating/reviewing the book before copies are actually available for reading. While you have said this is intentional to allow readers to mark their interest in an upcoming book, this is actually a merging of two functions that should remain separate. Ratings should be reserved for books that have been released. Pre-release interest could be indicated in some other fashion, like TBR interest, or simply adding the book to the TBR list.

I would like you to split the two functions more appropriately. This could be accomplished this by adding a “Date Available for Rating” field for each book. Such a field could contain the date ARCs will be released, and would, ideally, be changeable by the author prior to that date in case ARCs are delayed.

To accommodate pre-release, or even post-release pre-read interest, please consider providing a field that displays the number of times a book has been added to TBR lists, or a separate rating of a potential reader’s excitement level when they hear about a book.

Separate systems for these two functions would be fairer and more helpful to everyone, and would result in a more accurate rating system.

Thank you.

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