Call to Action for Anti-Racism at GoodLife Fitness

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This is about actionable transformative change. On June 2, 2020, GoodLife Fitness posted a black square on their Instagram in silent solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. Since then, there’s been an outpouring of stories involving racism, discrimination, and power imbalances at work in the fitness community

We are coming forward united in solidarity to seek accountability, transparency and anti-racism action on the part of the company.

GoodLife Fitness has a responsibility as a leader in the fitness industry to follow through and use its power to create safe, welcoming, and inclusive experiences for all members of the fitness community.

GoodLife has admitted to their own lack of representation within their management level (Executive, Senior Leadership at Director level and above), and the consequences are clear in the experiences of marginalized associates and members. 

What constitutes anti-racist action? How exactly can GoodLife Fitness follow through on their promises? We’ve outlined this in three clearly defined and actionable commitments:

  1. Accountability: Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based (SMART) goals, as described in the  #GoodLifeGetsSmart posts, to address the need for anti-racist initiative that has already been acknowledged by the company.
  2. Transparency: Share SMART goals and milestones in the journey with GoodLife associates and members of the community as part of an ongoing commitment to transformative and collaborative change in the company. 
  3. Anti-racism: Immediately prioritize anti-racism and anti-discrimination training and re-education through all levels of the organization to provide the necessary tools for all to participate in an inclusive and safe environment.

GoodLife has a responsibility as a leader in the fitness industry to set an example for employee and member community experience in 2020 and beyond. 

We are asking for your signature so that the company is held accountable for their promises and the necessary changes are made in our shared spaces to make our industry safe and accessible for all.