Sophie Stevens as the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Soundtrack for Bands as Bands at Good Will

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The Sonic Adventure 2 Battle soundtrack is, arguably, the greatest piece of pop-punk history that we have. While I have enjoyed music throughout the years, nothing has managed to compare to the absolutely masterful soundtrack this game provided in the early 2000s. There's no other option than for me to bring Sonic Adventure 2 Battle to the stage of the Good Will Social Club.

My qualifications and promises:

  1. In grade 2 I got up an hour early every morning to play this game, ingraining the soundtrack in my head and making me better at the first level of the game, City Escape, than anyone in the world  (I have no empirical evidence, this is simply based on the objective truth)
  2. One time I dressed up as Sonic for a show at Handsome Daughter, so we are already half way there
  3. Considering my speedy and blue stage presence, growing passion for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle by the hour, and musical capabilities, I am more than qualified for this position
  4. I promise I will not do any of the raps and will instead hire someone who knows what they are doing respectfully
  5. I spent at least 10 minutes making this banner

This brings me to my conclusion. Do you believe that the Good Will Social Club deserves to bring Sonic Adventure 2 Battle to its beautiful establishment? Do you want to see me literally dressed as a blue hedgehog? Finally, most importantly, do you believe in yourself? No time for guessing, follow my plan instead - sign this petition.

Sophie Stevens