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Increase pay for workers with Special Needs

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Goodwill, the collector of unwanted clothes and furniture should not be paying workers with disabilities less than minimum wage. The National Federation of the Blind is coming out against Goodwill after obtaining documents showing that the venerable nonprofit known for reselling household goods pays some workers with disabilities as little as $1.44 per hour.
After watching a news special about the mistreatment of people with special needs I was appalled that some workers are making $0.22 an hour. Some workers with special needs are timed on how fast they can fold and hang clothes.
Good Will CEO,a man who himself has special needs, states that the company pays employees based on job performance. He goes on to say that success is defined in many different ways. Sadly, this is all LEGAL but not ethical!!!!
Do we really want hard working people who are dealing with lifelong struggles to be made to feel less than other people? What message is Good Will sending?
Please take a step and sign the petition as well as boycott this company that makes 5 billion dollars a year. While Good Will pays some employees up to $414,000/year they still pay workers with special needs less than minimum wage.
Think about it and do the right thing please.

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