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1. Chabad in Lithuania has been active in the spheres of Jewish education, religious services and social welfare across Lithuania since 1994. Thousands of people depend on its services and programs. But now, it’s very survival is at stake. And you can make all the difference with just two minutes of your time.

2. Since 2014, the Lithuanian Government has been giving 3.4 million Euro annually to the Good Will Foundation. The GWF was created for the sole purpose of distributing these funds given in lieu of the return of pre-World War II Jewish Religious Communal property and should be distributed in an equitable manner. However, to date, Chabad Lithuania has not received ANY of these funds.

This has resulted in the educational institutions (and Chabad Lithuania in general) being in urgent need of an immediate influx of significant funds to continue its work.

3. We, the undersigned, demand that the Good Will Foundation grant urgent funding to Chabad Lithuania.



Despite the fact that Chabad has been serving Jews throughout Lithuania full time since 1994 with community wide holiday themed and original programs attended by many hundreds countrywide, as well as beginning a Sunday School and overnight summer camps that year;

And despite the fact that Chabad began a nursery, kindergarten and a soup kitchen in 1995, a day school in 1996 (first 12th grade graduating class since World War II in 2001) - which have provided the only Torah education to Jewish youngsters in this country till today;

And despite the fact that Chabad built the first functioning Mikva since World War II in 1995 and despite the new adult education classes successfully added to those already thriving over the past two decades in cities around Lithuania, plus the full gamut of Jewish life cycle events, including Chupas, Brit Mila, Jewish burials and much more;

The so called Good Will Foundation (further GWF) - the foundation charged with distributing restitution funds from religious Jewish pre-World War II RELIGIOUS Communal property - has blatantly discriminated against Chabad Lithuania and our school, refusing, time and again, to grant any funds to these singular efforts of reviving Jewish life in the spirit of Lithuania of yesteryear;

Resulting in the school (and Chabad) being in urgent need of an immediate influx of significant funds;

The GWF's current co-chairs have been surreptitiously undermining the work of Chabad Lithuania for many years, finally beginning to reveal their face of late;

All this while funds from the GWF have been allocated to dozens of projects and institutions that are offensive to the mores and values of the pre-War Jewish religious communities in Lithuania.

We, the undersigned, demand that Chabad Lithuania receive urgent, emergency funding from the Good Will Foundation to reverse this travesty and assure the vital financial needs to continue its work are cared for now.


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This petition had 1,733 supporters

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