Please create nendoroid figures of Devilman characters.

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Dear Good Smile Company!

There are hundred thousands of fans of the iconic works of the legendary artist Go Nagai, especially his Devilman work. It’s been 46 years since the famous Devilman manga first came out and there are still many fans all around the world who still love the series. Devilman has had a lot of adaptation throughout the years and with the re-releases of the original manga, the 1987 anime and the Netflix series Devilman Crybaby that came out this year, we would like to place a special wish:

Please create nendoroid figures of Devilman characters.

Mainly of the four iconic characters:
- Devilman
- Akira Fudo
- Ryo Asuka
- Miki Makimura

Important characters who also could be considered: Psychojenny and Silene.

Good Smile Company has made figures of various amazing and popular series and there are many faithful fans who would also love to see the Devilman series as wonderful nendoroid figures. So we would be grateful if this could be realized and like to say "Thank you!" for your hard work up untill now.

Thank you.