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Have my companion animal returned to me

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A few months ago I became very ill. I was hospitalized and had no person who lived in my home and was able to care for my dog. I was admitted to the hospital in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and had taken my companion animal Tiva, with me.

Some staff at the hospital were concerned about the presence of my well mannered dog. I was told by two women who worked for the hospital as well as the city's animal control officer, whom they called, that my dog would be returned to me. I had someone who had offered to watch her and told them about the individual. They however, reassured me and repeatedly so, that my dog would be fine and returned to my care once I was better. I somewhat reluctantly agreed and the animal control officer took my dog along with her crate and removed her from my care.

My condition deteriorated and I was transferred to another hospital. I made several attempts to get a hold of the animal control officer to let him know I would be released later than expected. He never returned my calls. My heart sank. When I was released after Thanksgiving I found out my dog had been surrendered to the local animal shelter from which she was adopted. I was quite upset about the situation but told that the Good Shepard Humane Society board would have to make a decision about whether or not she could be returned to me. I waited patiently but after several weeks was told that their board, who didn't know me, my son Avery or our beloved best friend Tiva, decided we could not have her back.

I have even talked with staff there, the people who did meet us, who said that they were pulling for us but had no real say. One of the ladies from the front desk said that I needed her and she needed us as she mentioned how despondent Tiva had been since she was returned. I repeated that we got this dog after a few months of having to put down our 15 year old Jack Russell mix. This wasn't just my companion animal this was my four year old sons dog as well. Tiva had never been abused or neglected so I am reaching out to all of you to help us get our dog back from the Good Shepard Humane Society. Please sign and help us to get them to listen. We just want our dog whom we love and adore back with her family.

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