Relocation of Isla Vista Tiny Homes for the Homeless

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In December of 2020 construction of tiny homes were built and put in the Isla Vista Community Center parking lot, right next to the park and in the center of Isla Vista life; food spots, stores, two blocks from the beach, and a major traffic area for students going to and from class. While in full support of providing shelter for the homeless, the location placement is a situation that has become concerning. Usually, adequate housing tends to draw in more homeless, but positioning these homes in the middle of a college town is off-putting and not economically suitable for anyone involved. This petition is aimed to relocate these tiny homes outside of the main and most popular part of Isla Vista. Relocating to a place in Goleta away from residential areas would be more beneficial. Not only will it be cheaper to put homes outside of IV, but it would also create a cleaner and safer atmosphere for students and residents of the Isla Vista community.