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City Council Members, please consider using the $65,000 in summer programs for our youth,

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To whom it may concern:

It has recently come to the attention of the Gonzales Ca. residents via an article published in or shared by KRKC NEWS, that the city of Gonzales is considering spending $65,000 in website redesign and public relations campaing. the following is a direct quote from that article.

"The city of Gonzales could spend up to $65,000 for not only a website redesign but also its public relations campaign.
“In today’s environment – today’s social media environment – some jurisdictions are looking to do a better job in this area and it costs money.”
City Manager Rene Mendez said that Boots Road Group has already worked with the city on some projects and if the city council approves it will work on this too. Mendez said that with the city having multiple Facebook pages, there could also be some policy changes that might affect how items are posted.
“That’s part of what we have to look at. Any policy changes will have to go before the council to adopt. Part of it is looking at what we’re doing today and see if we’re up to date and maybe following best practices.”
Mendez said council would decide if this is the best way to spend the taxpayer’s money in Gonzales."

We the residents of Gonzales, Ca, are against it and urge not to consider spending any money in website redesign and Public Relations Campaign, specially since our city is in need of so much more important programs such as, summer youth programs, like, baseball teams, soccer teams basketball teams that will keep our youth occupied, especially those that did not attend summer school, we understand that there is a pool, but even the pool hours are limited, we also encourage you to reconsider using the money for traffic control during the morning and the afternoons, around our schools, for the safety or our kids and the safety of the public, I'm sure if you have traveled thru there in the morning you have seen how horrible traffic is at the time the classes are about to start, parents from across the bridge take 30 minutes to get to school grounds making it  barely on time due to the traffic. there are so many things our city needs, like light post during the dark hours, there are so many streets especially on the old side of Gonzales that street are extremely dark, this puts our children in danger especially during the time that it gets darker early, if they have practice at 5 pm, and have to come home walking they have to pass by extremely dark street, where there are no light post, also our roads need to be fixed, example, the road coming in from Soledad, Gonzales ca, by the cemetery and winery , it a dangerous road, it could easly cause an accident, due to the fact that there are many holes, and there is hardly any visibility by the apartment on Alta st, due to parking, the road of El Ricon cross st Fifth St, its also in badly need of repairs, Fairview st, is also in badly need of reparis, not to mention that the tree that fell during the storm in our Central Park has not been picked up, I personally have seen kids play around it and I fear for their safety.

we urge you to please don't even consider spending $65,000 in website redesign or public relations campaign. when that money could be put to better use.

Gonzales residents urge not to spend this money when there are so many other improvements our city needs and many other programs our youth desperately need during the summer vacation, not to mention once again, traffic control for the safety of our kids and residents during school drop off and school pick up on school days.

we thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to read this petition and taking it into consideration.


Monica Rico

Gonzales residents.


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Monica Rico needs your help with “ city council members please consider using the $65,000 in summer programs for our youth, and not onthe cities website redesign or public relations campaing, the children, youth and the safety of our town of Gonzales Should be a priority.”. Join Monica and 143 supporters today.