Have Mangagamer allow full playthroughs of their Visual Novels

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For Mangagamer to allow lets players to do full playthroughs of older visual novels of at least 3 or more years from the original Japanese release to be played through or shown completely with commentary over them on Youtube/Twitch.

Commentary must be provided over said work to allow it be considered fair use.

English releases of said games of 3 or more years older are allowed to be played through or at least if designated by mangagames can have a stopping period or embargo on said game for no more than a month to 6 months of , which after full playthroughs can occur.

Visual novels are a video game which entails a person own unique experience with said game this combined with commentary over the game with a person's own commentary (whether it be voicing the lines of the character or just joking over the game.) Transforms said game into a transformative work for the maker of the video and thus fair use.

With playthroughs of the game,the game only gets free advertising so I implore you Mangagamer to at least think about this before you go and copyright strike hundreds of channel with princess evangile and other games on it.

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