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Leave the Coyotes and City of Glendale alone.

Goldwater Institue please stand aside from this issue and allow our elected officals to govern. They know what is best for the City of Glendale and do not need an unethical watch dog organization to harass them with the threat of lawsuits. You claim to be a non-profit and for the people, but you work along side lobbyiest such as Arizona Free Enterprise Club ( You also have multiple conflict of interest within your organization such as:

AFEC founding members Randy Kendrick and Eric Crown are currently board members of Goldwater Institute.

Randy Kendrick was the director of AFEC and Mrs. Kendrick is also the wife of Diamondbacks Ken Kendrick.

Former Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes is a limited partner in the Diamondbacks.

Do the right thing. Step aside.

Below you will find a short excerpt fron Glendale city council woman Joyce Clark's website:

"In addition to the 42 plus nights of hockey the Coyotes do contribute to the economic well being of Glendale. They pay a monthly rental fee. There is a ticket surcharge on every ticket sold that goes to Glendale. There is sales tax on everything sold in the Westgate area that is generated from their regular season of 42 nights a year. Additionally during the current playoff extension of activity at the arena both teams, team staff and an entourage of interested fans are generating sales tax by staying at Glendale’s Renaissance Hotel.

Westgate, with the Coyotes, the Cardinals and Cabela’s, is poised to explode with new development. A majority of the zoning in and around Westgate has already been approved. The Super Bowl will be hosted in Glendale in 2015. All of this energy will cause the construction of more new developments in the next few years"

-Joyce Clark

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