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Thank you Gold Coast and everyone who has supported us and signed our petition!ITS NOT OVER YET WE NEED MORE SUPPORT FOR THIS AMAZING BUSINESS Claims in the media that Gold Coast Helitours have been operating ‘unlawfully’ from their premises for more than 30 years are false and misleading and have been promoted by a handful of retirees who have specifically targeted this iconic business while actively advocating for the neighbouring Seaworld Helicopters. Gold Coast Helitours have responded to the G C Council with substantial evidence of 30 years of continual lawful operations from their base by numerous air operators including seaplanes, helicopters and military aircraft. Even the Council’s own sponsored six month Police helicopter trial operated from the same precinct.Council’s ‘show cause’ demand relies on technical town planning jurisdictions which are contested by Helitours. But the real reason that Council has issued this notice is because of a small number of noise complaints from newly arrived residents in the area. Council’s own policies in relation to air operations in the area are conflicted too, because they have approved and are promoting the construction of the longest super yacht berth in Australia at the Southport Yacht Club. This facility will accommodate very large super yachts (up to 162 metres in length), many of which will have helicopters operating from them while they are in the Broadwater.Helitours is a proud supporter of our Gold Coast community and provides many essential services including fire fighting, search and rescue, engineering, seabed and beach protection surveys. It is the only helicopter service in the area that can be airborne in minutes with a fire bucket providing for a fast attack in the event of a boat fire in the Broadwater or offshore. With an unblemished safety record and thousands of satisfied customers, it is the very heart of tourism activity on the Gold Coast.Don’t allow selfish people to put scores of others out of work! Helitours’ Marina Mirage base is the anchor for many other adventure and waterways tourist businesses, all of which will be next in the sights of these selfish and self righteous ‘concerned’ residents. Your jobs and livelihoods could be next!PLEASE Sign our petition now and enlist your friends and business colleagues to do the same. The Gold Coast needs Gold Coast Helitours!

Save Gold Coast Heli Tours
2 years ago