To build a skatepark in surfers paradise, Broadbeach, southport

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I agree that the Gold Coast city council needs to build a skatepark around surfers paradise, Broadbeach, southport area because they are no skateparks nearby and the getting to the closest skatepark takes 1 hour by public transport. As a local skateboarder in surfers paradise I have met a lot of skateboarders from different backgrounds who share the same passion, every time we try and skate different spots in our local area, we are always getting told off and getting kicked out from all these places. They are people telling us to go to a skatepark but it’s too far away of a distance and some of these people don’t want to spend hours or money for public transport or fuel just to get to a skatepark. There are a lot of places in surfers, broadbeach and southport where a skatepark can be built and it will be easier for some of the local skaters and friends to get together and having fun by sharing the same passion. Since the 2020 olympics is upcoming this will give the skaters a chance to train and practice tricks at the skate park and helping the local community and also children’s to start a new hobby and helping them achieve their goals and staying out of trouble. Skateboarding has changed my life in a positive way. It has helped me through depression, anxiety, helped me gain self confidence and helped me understand who my real friends are. I definitely believe this can help other people who went through the same lifestyle as I have and it will make a big difference in other people’s lives to grow as a positive human being and building a skatepark in our local area and will be a positive environment for some of these people to come down and have fun