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Stop GCCC from restricting residential parking in Labrador!

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The GCCC has recently extended restricted residential parking to the sleepy suburban streets of Labrador. The GCCC has demanded that all residents not only provide the number of vehicles which require on street parking, but are also demanding all registration details, certificates and other information to be provided. This means that as residents we are under strict control of where we wish to park and who we wish to have visit our homes on a day to day basis. Furthermore if we wish to have more than 2 on street parking spots (which realistically most modern families need), we will be required to pay an additional cost of $88 per parking permit (1 spot), per year!!!! If there are more than 2 persons visiting your home at any given time (with paid permits), they will be required to move their car every 2 hours, what a fun get together that will make!! As residents we are very understanding of the need for limited parking in high traffic areas, the city, business districts or other high density areas, however there is no justification for restricted parking in the quiet streets of Labrador where most of the homes are classified as Residence A. We ask you to join us in demanding that the council lift these unrealistic restrictions and take the pressure off the residents of Labrador. Please sign this petition!

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