Save the Gold Coast Lapidary/Gem Club from being evicted from it's home of 55 years!

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The Gold Coast City Council is not renewing the lease of Gold Coast Lapidary/Gem Club after 55 years tenancy!  The Gold Coast Lapidary/Gem Club was informed that they are not included in the Miami Pizzey Park Redevelopment and will be required to vacate the club rooms within 18 months.  The Petitioners therefore ask the Gold Coast City Council to guarantee that the Gold Coast Lapidary Club be included in the future redevelopment of the Pizzey Park Precinct due to the fact that the Gold Coast Lapidary Club was the first community facility (construction financed by the club members) at Pizzey Park. The club was running on premises prior to the Pizzey Park Pool being dug! It is one of the oldest/longest-standing Gold Coast Clubs in the area having been established in 1965 & provides a fantastically valuable community support for members aged from 12 years to 80+.