Save Lake Orr

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Lake Orr is currently used for sailing, rowing, kayaking, dragon boating, fishing, and paddle boarding. It’s walking/jogging tracks and parks are in constant use, with locals enjoying the peaceful surrounds and beautiful lake views. 
But all this will change if Gold Coast City Council & Canoeing Australia go ahead with plans to turn the entire lake into an Olympic Kayaking training course, with permanent buoys connected by steel ropes to create lanes that cover most of the lake. It will reduce access for other water sport users and the 2 volunteer sailing clubs located on the lake edge will need to relocate as their boats would be caught in the steel ropes.  There are also concerns about increased noise, loss of the beautiful view, and traffic/parking issues. 
Even though 90% of local residents polled by the council oppose this project, they have not listened. It is hard to understand why the lake would be given to just one group, rather than kept available for the whole community. 
This petition is to ask The Gold Coast City Council and Canoeing Australia to leave Lake Orr as it is, able to be used and enjoyed by everyone. If you agree, please sign and share!